Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October is Conflict Resolution Month in Vermont

Reach Out!

This year Conflict Resolution Month in Vermont is once again reaching out to leadership, professionals, students, and the public. All over the State of Vermont, through free workshops, book displays, speakers, proclamations, and public facilitations, Conflict Resolution is the conversation. Below are just some of the scheduled events for this October.  Please check our website for more details!  Here are some of the events taking place on the Champlain College Campus:

**photo and text courtesy the Vermont Conflict Resolution website**
October 13. "Meditating for Mediators and other Peace Makers," Champlain College, 6-8PM.

October 16. "Peace, the Justice System, Policing, and Community Response," Panel Discussion, Champlain College, time TBA.

October 17.  “Are You Listening?” An Improv Workshop for Mediators and Interested Professionals or Students, Champlain College, 12:00-1:30.

October 23. Michael Lang, One-Day Intensive Introductory Workshop on Reflective Practice for Conflict Resolution Practitioners, Champlain College, Morgan Room, 9:30-4:00.  Preregistration Required.
October 27. "The Biology of Conflict," Champlain College, time TBA.

Next time you're in the Library, check out our Conflict Resolution book display!  Other book displays are hosted at the University of Vermont, Phoenix Book Store, Peace and Justice Store, and the Fletcher Free Library.



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