Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DISPLAY: Happy Fourth of July

In celebration of the Fourth of July, we have created a display of some wonderful books about our founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution. Books about George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton are on display at the Miller Information Commons circulation desk. What a great time of year to read about some great people in American history! Enjoy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NEWS: Burkhardt named Academic Library Blog of the year!

Emerging Technologies Librarian Andy Burkhardt has been named Academic Library Blog winner in the Salem Press 2011 Library Blog Awards! Describing Andy’s blog, Information Tyrannosaur, the panel of judges wrote: “Whatever the topic--technology in the service of education, social media, information literacy, new approaches to old library problems--Andy's posts always get to the heart of the matter. We enjoy his sincerity (‘Not everything has to be scholarly.’), his insistence on the ‘fun’ factor at the Reference Desk, and even his fascination with dinosaurs.”