Monday, February 23, 2009

DISPLAY:February Is National Bird Feeding Month

Birds, what would we do without precious birds? In honor of National Bird Feeding Month, we have created a display of some beautiful and informational bird books. Birds play such an important role in nature. You can help feed birds in some very simple and inexpensive ways.So if you can.. help feed the birds!

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Bernard said...

Those who fly so high,
needing only a wing,
but not a prayer.

They dress in bright and drab colors,
showing off what they wear.

Birds of Spring
sing, sing, sing.

What a pleasure it is to see them come
to our backyards and windows
to share with us the fancy of flight, the beauty of color; nature up close.

Feed the birds and
rejoice in their
child like alertness,
and free for all
living spirit.

Bernie Paquette
Class of 2006